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8 Great Gifts For Father's Day

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“Behind every great man is a man greater: his father.” - Habeeb Akande


 1. Grooming Products

No matter how old (or young) your dad is or what he does, looking clean and put-together is always going to be important. Give him a hand with some slick grooming products for his bathroom cabinet.


We recommend: The Maverick All Natural Pomade, The Bearded Gent Aftershave


2. Watch

A lot of dads collect watches. Most of the time, some of these watches are from their fathers. Why not break tradition just a bit and give your dad a watch from you? These are modern classics, after all.


We recommend: The Gentleman Project’s Timepieces


3. Haircut

There’s nothing like a good haircut as a bonding activity between father and son. Treat your dad to his next haircut and join him. Post-haircut Father’s Day mirror selfie with a long, appreciative caption, anyone?


We recommend: Felipe & Sons, Back Alley Barber Shop


4. Smartphone Case

This is another essential item in every dad’s pocket. Whether it’s just for form or for lifeproof-level protection, dad’s gadget definitely deserves a case to really make it his.


We recommend: Carbon Fiber Cases by CF Grandeur


5. Alcohol

Whether it’s beer, whiskey or gin, quality alcohol is something dad will always appreciate. Sitting down to have a drink with your old man every now and then is a great bonding experience.


We recommend: Yamazaki (Japanese single malt), Nipa Brew (local craft beer), Dry Fly Washington Dry Gin (available at The Bottle Shop Philippines)


6. Steak dinner

Preparing a steak is an art and a skill that every gentleman should try his best to acquire. If you don’t have the chance to learn in time for Father’s Day, just put it on your To-Do list and take your dad out for a good steak dinner.


We recommend: Homecooked is always best, Ruby Jack’s, Atelier Vivande


7. Shoes

Shoes honestly say so much about a person, so gifting your dad with a pair is a great way to show him how well you know him. For example, if you have a sporty dad, give him a pair of running shoes. Of course, you can never go wrong with dress shoes either.


We recommend: Sapatero Shoes (locally made bespoke dress shoes), Nike Flyknits (great for running)


BONUS: If shoes are out of your budget, try giving your dad some Stance Socks—the official on-court socks of the NBA. Yes, there’s a Warriors version.


8. Drone

This is for the techie dads out there who are looking for a new toy to play with. Drones are lots of fun and offer an excuse for you and your dad to go out of town. Best part is that there are a lot of affordable drones on the market now, so you don’t have to break the bank to get one.


We recommend: There are WAY too many choices out there so do your research—it will depend on your budget, what your dad plans to use it for and more!


Don’t hesitate to give the OG (Original Gentleman) in your life the love and appreciation he deserves, especially on Father’s Day. Have we missed out on any awesome gift ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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