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Dream Girl: Jaz Reyes

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First things first: getting the ladies to love you isn’t the be-all-end-all of becoming a gentleman. We’d like to make that very clear. Having said that, a little extra motivation never hurt anyone. That’s why we’ll be interviewing different Dream Girls, asking for their input on what exactly a “gentleman” is to them.

This week we’re featuring radio DJ and events host Jaz Reyes. With her wit, charm and unique sense of humor, she’s definitely more than just a pretty face—and definitely looking for more than just a pretty face in any guy who might be interested in asking her out. Read on for more on Jaz’s definition of a gentleman.



Q: What qualifies a guy as a “gentleman”, in your book?

A: A gentleman is a thoughtful man.

When we speak of thoughtfulness, it’s the capability to think of others, outside the normal situation, to give comfort or being a good person to someone else.

It may be that he is thoughtful whenever he sees you are sick and he already went one step ahead and makes sure you have a good hearty bowl of soup waiting for your return back home.

He is thoughtful by the way he speaks to people that he doesn't know; people that he just met; the respect and courtesy he gives to waiters or servers,

What he should wear should be appropriate for the situation. I believe that comes along with the thoughtfulness. Dresses up for a fancy dinner out, dresses down on a movie night in.



Q: What are your top 3 pet peeves/turn-offs?

A: Men who are too proud and too focused on how they look.

Men who cannot hold and keep an interesting conversation; a guy who can’t get into deeper conversation with me and isn't able to stimulate mentally.

Men who don’t have passion. There’s something about a guy who is brilliant at one thing that he loves because he is able to talk about it, share it with you and it’s always an intimate and enlightening experience. In addition, it makes me a believer and the want to be the person to be able to help bring his passions to an even better height.


Q: What’s your top tip for anyone who might want to ask you out?

A: Funny and firm usually works.
Start it off light

Let’s find some common ground.

Wanna meet up sometime where it’s conducive for good conversation? Possibly in the presence of puppies and wine?




Q: Describe your ideal first date.

A: There’s a theory of Aziz Ansari where you can go on a “Monster Truck” date wherein the guy brings the girl to this OUT OF THIS WORLD never experienced before type of date. It takes both of you out of the comfort zone and you are able to properly judge and gauge how the other person is. Just make sure you tell them to leave the heels at home.

But more often than not,
I’m always down for surprises, road trips and a guy who doesn't have to ask me “Where do you wanna go?” because you asked for the date, I’d like for you to plan it. Let’s see what you got.



Q: Name one celebrity you’d love to go on a date with and why.

A: I think I’d want to go out with either Anthony Bourdain or Wes Anderson. I think both are able to give me a night of just the most random conversations and both will definitely pick a good spot to enjoy each other’s company.


Thoughtfulness, passion, humor and great conversation—are you all taking notes? That’s what it takes to be a gentleman according to Dream Girl Jaz Reyes, and we’re inclined to agree.

Until next time!


- The Gentlemen


For more on Jaz, follow her on IG/Twitter at @_jazreyes or check out her website at

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